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FreeBSD daemon Hi there! (or there, or there...)

My name is Peter Pentchev, and this is a trivial attempt at organizing at least a small part of the chaos raging through my mind and spreading out onto various webpages. There, you've been warned!

A little background info: born in the hot summer of '77, I'm a Bulgarian living in Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria). For the well-nigh twenty years I've been doing mostly various computer-related stuff, ranging from system administration of small-to-medium local-area networks and VPN's, through various support duties, to the part I enjoy most — actual programming in a wide spectrum of fields. Apart from that, there's been some meddling in music (piano, synthesizer playing), a lot of reading (and not just technical literature or sci-fi, honest!), and even some feeble attempts at poetry and music composition — but I think we've all been there at some point in time :)

At present I'm studying at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the Sofia University. Over the years I have been among the lecturers for several electives read there: Network Security, Practical Perl Programming and HP-UX System Administration.

Here are some more clues to me ;)

That's all, folks! You want to flame me, take your pick — try here or here! You might even encrypt your message using my PGP public key — not that it would make a difference as to the flame itself, but at least there might be one more person in the world who knows what Pretty Good Privacy is, and might even start using some implementation or other (say, GnuPG) some day… Well, I can hope, right?

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